Frequently Asked Questions


Will Piss Off work on old stains as well as new ones?


Yes it does.  It might take a few sessions to remove it especially if it has seeped into the mattress and carpet, it will need to work it's way back up and out.  Remember the old stain will become darker and the smell stronger initially which is due to it bleeding to the surface.  Continued applications will remove it all.

Can I use Piss Off on my oriental rug?


First do a colour test. It is perfectly safe to use however there is no way to know how it will interact with different types of materials and it is always best to do a colour test on a small inconspicuous area first.

Can I use it in my dog's kennel?


Yes you can. Ensure that there is enough drying time before letting your pet back into the kennel.

Will it work with my kitty litter?


Yes it will.  It removes all traces of the odour.  Remove the litter, spray inside and outside of the tray and allow to dry before adding more kitty litter in.

My dog continues to urinate in the same spot?  


Once the odour is removed it doesn't always mean the dog will find another area to urinate in.  Clean the area once more with Piss Off and then move the dog's food to that area.  Dogs do not normally like to wee where their food is kept.  It might help.

Is it safe to use around my pets?


Piss Off is safe to use as there are no harsh ingredients in the product.  Of course never directly spray onto humans or pets (even if you want to).